A selection of starters we offer is listed below. Want something else? Let’s discuss it!

Simplicity Catering - Starters

Chicken & Danish Cheese Rolla chicken roll filled with Danish cheese, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes & salad cream
Homemade Soupmushroom, butternut, country beef or tomato served with croutons, fresh rolls or homemade wholewheat bread
Fried Filleted Fishbuttered lemon line fish served with tartar sauce and a fresh green salad
Glazed Line Fishbaked fish in an apricot and raisin sauce served with a fresh Greek salad
Creamed Lemon & Herb Musselsmussels in a lemon cream sauce with wholewheat bread
Phyllo Pastry Bitesa variety of fillings (creamed sun-dried tomatoes, sweet & sour prawns, creamed smoked chicken) served with a side salad
Calamari Steakspan-fried lemon basted calamari steaks in garlic butter, served with a fresh Greek salad

menu subject to change without prior notice