Are you having a cocktail party or is your event a finger supper/lunch? Let us tempt you with a selection of platters offering savoury snacks, vegetable sticks with dips, a selection of cheeses, pies & samoosas…

Simplicity Catering - Platters

We offer platters of fresh vegetables and fruits, or cooked snacks. Platters are served with dips and sauces where that little bit extra just gives it more taste and appeal.

Simplicity Catering - Platters 2

*All Platters serve 10-12 people

BBQ Platter: R250.00 per platterMarinated spare ribs & BBQ drumsticks served with a dip and garnished with parsley & tomato slices.
Chicken Platter: R240.00 per platterChicken thighs, drumsticks, garnished with orange slices, parsley & tomato wedges
Savoury platterR210.00 per platterChicken nuggets, cocktail chicken pies, cocktail cheese pies, & mini sausage rolls.
Egg & Sausage Snack PlatterR235.00 per platter

Grilled cocktail Vienna’s wrapped in bacon & stuffed eggs served with a BBQ sauce

Sausage Bite platter: R240.00 per platter Russians, frankfurters, mini beef sausages, cocktail Vienna’s wrapped in bacon, garnished with peppadews & pickled brown onions, served with a dip
Italian Platter: R250.00 per platter Provolone cheese, olives, salami, Moraxella, Parma ham& red pimentos garnished with parsley& tomatoes
Smoked Salmon & herring platter: R280.00 per platterDanish herring, creamed herring, rollmops, smoked salmon, peppered mackerel, garnished with lemons.
Cheese nibbler platterR260.00 per platterA selection of biscuits & cheese served with a flavoured cream cheese.
Meat & Cheese Nibbler platter: R275.00 per platterA selection of cheese & meats tit-bits, garnished with black & green olives.
Cocktail snack platter: R245.00 per platterCheese nibbles, stuffed eggs, assorted cold meats, roast beef with gherkins, and ham & asparagus rolls, served with a sauce and garnished with olives.
Vegetable platter: R200.00 per platterFresh vegetables in season.
Fruit platter: R215.00 per platterVariety of fruit in season.
Cocktail dip: R240.00 per platterConsists of chicken nuggets, sticky wings, crispy cocktail springs rolls, meatballs, fish bites, served with a tangy sweet & sour sauce.
Mixed shaved platter: R250.00 per platterVariety of lunch loaf, chicken loaf, turkey, smoked beef, pastrami, served with green and black olives.

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