Desserts & Cakes

A selection of desserts and cakes we offer is listed below. Want something else? Let’s discuss it!

Simplicity Catering - DessertsSimplicity Catering - Fridge tarts

Malva Puddingserved with custard OR cream
Banana & Caramel Puddingmade with fresh bananas and cream
Peppermint Crisp Fridge Puddingrich and decadent
Fresh Fruit Medleya selection of fruit in season
Ice Creamserved with chocolate sauce
Black Forest Gateauxtraditional German black cherry and chocolate gateaux with fresh cream, Kirsch liqueur and fine chocolate shavings
Cookies & Creamchopped chocolate cookies in a creamy white chocolate mousse on a moist Sacher torte layer, glazed with chocolate vanilla glaze
Granadilla Cheescakemade with granadilla pulp on a shortbread base, topped with passion fruit coulis
Walnut Truffle Cakelayers of chocolate sponge, marzipan, mocha cream, chocolate ganache covered with rich crème Parisienne and coated with a rich dark chocolate ganache and walnuts
Wildberry Cheesecakecream cheesecake filled with assorted exotic seasonal berries on a crumbed biscuit base, glazed with wild berry coulis and whole fresh berries to garnish

Simplicity Catering - Speciality cupcakes & cakes

menu subject to change without prior notice