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Dear Friends, 2013 ALREADY!!

party cateringIt is hard to believe we are at the beginning of a brand new year and into our Summer period . This is also the “Party Time” where everyone is either invited or is the Host/Hostess be it for day or evening functions.

We at Simplicity Catering know that a good party is all about good planning. The Simplicity Catering Team would like to make sure that this season’s parties are sexy, memorable and utterly stress free. We would like to help you through the process with style and panache with our planning guide & tips.


What is your budget and how much would you like to spend:

The first and most important thing is to decide how much you would like to spend. The more people you invite the more your cost will be (obviously!).

A cocktail drinks party where everyone is able to chip in is much more affordable than a formal sit-down dinner.

Type of event you would like:

A party can take any form you want, for example: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Supper, Picnic, Braai, Cocktail Party, formal or informal , indoors or outdoors (especially with our sunny climate and if you have a beautiful landscaped garden).

What type of menu will you have?

Once you know what your budget is, how many guests to invite and the type of party or function you would like, then only you can plan the menu accordingly.

The venue where the party will be held:

This depends entirely on what type of party and theme you have decided on, and how many people will be attending. Having a party at home is most probably the easiest, and also most affordable option, although it might require you having to move some of the furniture around.

How people will be invited:

Invitations can take the form of a phone call, an email, an sms or, if you are planning a formal event, a handwritten or printed invitation.

However, make sure the invitation states clearly what type of event it is, the venue, date and time it will take place. Include dress code as well as directions, and do not forget the RSVP details.

catering for partiesInform your neighbours of the forthcoming event:

It’s only polite to inform your neighbours that you will be having a party. If it’s going to be a particularly noisy affair, to keep the peace you could invite them to join in.

Setting the scene – Music & Dancing:

Music helps create a party atmosphere. People have different tastes, so do have a variety of  music ready. A compilation CD is a good idea, or opt for a DJ. Clear some space and rearrange the furniture to create a dance floor.


Candlelight can make a place look really charming, but be careful not to leave candles in places where they can be knocked over or are unattended . Old jars with festive ribbons tied around it can be used for tea lights, especially for outdoor parties.

party catering table settingsFlowers & Decorations:

You don’t need to decorate the whole house, just place a few simple but tasteful decorations and/or flowers where most of the party will take place. Place one or two flower and candle arrangements in the entry hall and even a few flowers in the loo!

Quantity & type of food:

Cocktail Canapes:  Allow 8 – 12 canapes per person, perhaps six cold and four hot.

Fork Food: Allow one hot or cold fork dish, along with a side salad, a piece of  bread  or cocktail rolls. And one or two portions of dessert per person.

Important forget-me-nots:

catering cupcakes partyGo for a variety of foods. Don’t use the same main ingredient/s in more than one course.

Make sure that the food not only tastes good, but that the presentation is equally appealing.

Last but not least – Party Checklist:

  • Arrange flowers and party decorations.
  • Chill the drinks & make sure you have enough ice.
  • Put the glasses, cutlery & plates out on display.
  • Set out piles of colourful napkins that blend in with your décor.
  • Make space for guests to leave their handbags & coats.
  • Have lots of empty bins on standby for rubbish.
  • Place clean towels and soap in bathrooms.
  • Place a few ashtrays in the allocated “smoking area”.

Hope these tips will be helpful, if not now then in the future. Summer, as we all know, is the time to keep it simple yet delicious.

Watch this page as Simplicity will be sharing some mouth watering recipes that not only taste divine but look appealing as well and will have your guests talking well after the event!

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