Choosing a Caterer

If you are planning a special event such as a wedding, corporate gathering, social event or simply just trying to impress your friends or clients, please give Simplicity Catering a call.

We  at Simplicity Catering believe that we can and will make that difference between a “restaurant that caters” and a “professional caterer”.


1. Taste

Simplicity’s food is freshly made from the freshest produce on the market – always a recipe for success.  Simplicity might be a new kid on the block, but we have talented, passionate & competent staff who can perform in any environment, displaying culinary skills that will delight you and your guests. We at Simplicity Catering understand that each Client has different needs and requirements and we strive to meet these.

2. Great Value

If you have a limited budget, tell us about it. Our staff can advise which will be the best options for you and your pocket.  Although price is always going to be a factor one way or the other, paying a lower price doesn’t have to mean you are getting lower quality or value. Let us show you that tasty & attractive dishes don’t always have to be expensive!

3. Exceptional Service

The moment you make contact with our caterer is when our aim to please starts. We always carefully listen to your ideas and work with you to create an event that matches your vision not ours.  Our employees are responsive to your needs in both the planning stages and production of your special occasion, big or small. Simplicity is well-organized,  willing to go above and beyond duty for each individual Client.  At Simplicity our core is a desire to provide extraordinary and superior service.

4. Dependability

If you want to determine our dependability, we will gladly give you references from very satisfied customers who can provide relevant information about our reliability and quality.  Client questions regarding deposit requirements or the type of menu we would suggest for each individual’s  budget, is readily answered by our staff.

5. Ability to Accommodate Individual Needs

We recognize that every event is different. We assist with special menu requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, Halal or Kosher menus, as well as provide specialty equipment and décor associated with diverse event themes should a client have a need for this. Because there is so much to consider when preparing for any special occasion, we work to understand what your special needs are and are dedicated to making sure your event runs smoothly.

6.  Client Satisfaction

The events that Simplicity Catering catered for left our clients both impressed and satisfied.  We guarantee that when you look back at your wedding day or special event, you will be glad you selected Simplicity Catering as your caterer. With our experience and successes in both small and big functions we have, and always aim to, leave a superb lasting impression: one that makes you want to come back for seconds.


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