Need a caterer for your event?

Before you phone a caterer bear in mind that before they can give you a quote there are some basic things they need to know in order to give a quote:

  • Would the food need to be finger food (requiring small plates only) or would it be a meal (dinner plates)?
  • What time of day is your function – will it be one of the mealtimes (breakfast, lunch or dinner) or will it be an in between time – brunch, afternoon tea?
  • How many courses do you require (ie savoury and sweet, starters, etc)?
  • Would there be any specific foods required (ie kosher, halaal, vegetarian, etc)?
  • Are there any foods that need to be specifically excluded (allergies or other reasons)?
  • What is your budget – this would determine the type of food or number of courses so is critical to planning a menu(we work on a per head quote)?
  • How many guests will there be – again, this is critical information obviously!
  • Will you be collecting the food or do you want it delivered to your venue?
  • Will you need linen, crockery and cutlery to be supplied or will you organise this yourself?

And there is still more information of course, but these are the most important things to tell your caterer. Jot down what you know so that you have this information at hand. A quote can be split into the separate items for you to determine where you can cut back your costs if your budget is limited.

Another thing you should do is plan well in advance and not leave things until the last minute! The last thing you want at your event is stress – it is something to be enjoyed after all!

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