• Planning a wedding?
  • Celebrating a birthday?
  • Someone having a baby shower?
  • Is there a corporate event coming up?

We cater for any event, whether happy or sad (unfortunately there are sad occasions too) and aim to take the hassles of preparing and serving the food for the occasion out of your hands in order for you to attend to your guests or simply enjoy the event.

Whether it be a buffet, snacks, cocktails, 5 course dinner or sit-down breakfast, allow us to do the catering for your event. We pride ourselves in preparing fresh, tasty dishes that suit your price range; meals that tempt your tastebuds and make you come back for more.

Simplicity Catering

We prepare menus in conjunction with you:

  • If you have a special theme, we match the food to your theme
  • If you have special requirements, we adhere to those (Halaal, Kosher, vegetarian…)
  • Like food from one country? Italian, Greek, Indian, Mongolian… tell us where your tastebuds travel
  • Allergies, sugar-free… tell us and we avoid what you can’t tolerate
  • Hot or not (spicy or temperature!)
  • Funky fusion or traditional favourites

Check out our sample menus, platters and cakes and then contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your needs. We look forward to catering to your taste!

PS. We also provide other services related to catering – hiring of tables, chairs, linen, cutlery, etc.